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Garden Maintenance Service

We are proud to present that most reliable and friendly garden maintenance services at extremely competitive prices and quality results. How gratifying it would be to have a lush green garden, with beds of vivid colors, artistically trimmed lawns and tidy paths and borders? Opt for any of our garden maintenance plans, and you would soon have the respect, awe and perhaps envy of your neighbors.

Contact us today to have a free of cost estimation for your garden maintenance. We shall also provide you with complete information regarding the design and layout ideas of your garden. When you choose to hire our services, we provide you the following with utmost certainty:

  1. A pragmatic and action-based start to your landscape design and ideas.
  2. From the very basic and nominal garden maintenance and design ideas, to rather unique and artistic ones, we provide you with it all, depending upon your requirement. Whatever vision or idea you carry with regards to your garden, we earnestly strive to turn it into reality.
  3. We offer you with complete assistance on basic landscaping tasks. These may include creating the patio area and the pathways.
  4. It has been our endeavor to fit your landscape design and maintenance ideas into your budget. We provide you with complete guidance on where to cut the costs. Feel free to visit our office and have a detailed conversation about the same.
  5. Any information that you require, pertaining to the behavior of the plants in your garden, we are always happy to help. This knowledge comes in handy in maintaining the health of your garden under various seasons and weather conditions. Our experience and understanding of the plants is readily available for you to utilize.
  6. Besides, we help you in choosing the right plants for the soil type of your garden. Compatibility between the plant and the natural soil type of your garden would go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your beautiful garden.

Along with this, you can opt for our landscaping services for a host of outdoor improvements. Have a look at some of our niche based expertise in the field of landscaping, design and maintenance.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

A chic looking swimming pool, perhaps along with a spa is the necessity of time. Depending on your requirements, we offer you the most excellent swimming pool and spa landscaping services. We have the latest equipments, provided by the experts such as Pentair, Aquapac and Astral. Along with this, our team of creative and experienced professionals brings about a brand new style element and zeal to the entire process. Hire our Swimming pool and spa landscaping services, and create that magical effect.

Terrace Garden Landscaping

Make your terrace the most captivating sight to behold by opting for our stellar Terrace Garden Landscaping services. We make the best use of the artistic talents of our craftsmen, and provide you with most winsome and pleasant results. Create a soothing experience of your terrace and home, by opting for the expert Terrace Garden Landscaping services at the Green Heaven Nursery.

Water Fountain Landscaping

Our expertise in Garden Landscaping also extends to Water Fountain Landscaping. It is a niche market, mostly used in various hotels, farmhouses, resorts, clubs and homes. If you have enough space for a fountain, allow us to bring beauty to it, by opting for Water Fountain Landscaping services at the Green Home Nursery. Mesmerize your guests, passersby and onlookers, for we would leave your fountain looking every bit splendid and marvelous. Contact us today, and have the best services ready at your disposal in a jiffy!

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