Interior Design

Matching Your Home Style

When selecting how to landscape your house, initially, look through books to find landscaping plans that match your personal taste and style. Then draw a plan of your yard and don’t forget to include all constructed elements such as fences, swimming pools and gazebos. Decide what type of lawn you would like to have. Do you want gravel or grass? Would your like your own vegetable garden or do want only ornamental plants? Many yards mix herbs, vegetables and fruit trees with ornamental plants. Go to your local nursery and ask about the plant life of your region. A nursery will be able to tell how much work is involved when taking care of certain plants. You may want a polished look or an English garden. On your plan, draw flowerbeds, walkways and trees. Be creative in this process because improving your yard can be enjoyable and the options are almost limitless.

There is a large number of incentives why homeowners long for an improved home exterior. Perhaps you want to sell your abode in the future, are bored stiff with the old look or wish to add equity to your home. Painting, landscaping and new window shutters will give your home wonderful results.

Exterior paint can flake off due to dire weather conditions or abuse from the sun. Choosing paint for your house is an exciting process. Remember that if your home is of a particular architectural style, then you may want to choose paint that is authentic to the home’s historical background. Flip through books and magazines to discover the colors that were usually used for your home’s architectural design. Have old paint chips analyzed to find the initial color. There is no mandatory rule when picking a color. However, if your want to sell your home in the future, stick to traditional colors or your home’s original paint color.

There are three different shades to decide on when purchasing paint. You need a color for the siding. Then, you must choose one color for the eaves, molding and trim. Lastly, you should choose a color for doors, window sashes and railings. You may want to use complimentary colors or paint with contrasting trim to draw attention to the top quality craftsmanship of your home. Light colors will make your home seem larger and darker colors will give a home a rustic look.

Window shutters can become eyesores when they are cracked, splitting and rotted. There are four kinds of shutters, which consist of louvered, raised panel, board and batten and Bahama. Shutters are made of either wood or polyvinyl. Numerous homeowners choose wood shutters over polyvinyl, because of polyvinyl has tendency to crack. Wood shutters come in different types of woods including pine, western cedar, cypress, California redwood, which all have great benefits and downfalls. Regardless of the fact that cypress and cedar will not rot, it is always important to guard the wood with a sealer.

Design a plan for how you want your home to look. Then create a budget of how much you are willing to spend. There are lots of ways to spruce up a home’s looks that are inexpensive and satisfying for both you and your home.

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